At ESI, we come to work every day because we want to keep your business safe. In this day and age, everything is unpredictable. In retail, shopkeepers do their best to serve their customers, however they may not remember every person or the number of people that walk into their store. Bigger shopping companies face the same problem, but on a much larger scale.

Throughout the history of business, people use data to make more informed decisions. Our mission at ESI is to keep your business safe, by providing that essential data about your very own business. Today, we provide solutions for the safety of your products in all your stores, as well as making all valuable data about your stores available at your fingertips.


At ESI, our aim is to provide clients with security solutions that meet each of their individualistic needs. We understand businesses in Pakistan have varying needs when it comes to security and internal monitoring. It is for this reason that we distribute a wide portfolio of international grade equipment for your business.
Our products and services include:

  • Anti-Theft Merchandise Solutions : RF Antennas, Hard & Soft tags, Alarming products, Display security solutions.
  • Secure Open Display
  • Footfall Count Analysis
  • Customer Feedback
  • Queue Management
  • RFID Count Analysis