Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is truly the technology of the future. With RFID you take away from many of the mundane and robotic elements of running a retail business. Let us take the example of a cashier at a clothes shop. Their task would be to first, scan the tag on the garment, and second, to remove the hard tag with a detacher. This process will have to be carried out for every single garment of clothing.

With RFID, all the clothes will be placed on top of the RFID scanner, and just like that, the receipt marking each individual item of clothing will be drawn up. The tags will still need to be individually removed after that, but it saves the cashier lots of time as well saves the time the customer waits for the bill to be drawn up.

There are many other methods of using RFID, the main solution we are distributing from Catalyst (a part of Li & Fung Company) is that of inventory management. This is for companies with very large inventories that require merchandise to be manually accounted for, and are looking for a solution to speed up their process. This is for small businesses looking for the latest in inventory management, insight and availability as well as retail customer experience.

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