• Some items in your store may need to be displayed so customers can truly experience what you are trying to sell. These items can include laptops, smartphones, tablets, headphones, bluetooth speaker, and many other electric and non-electric merchandise. For these products in your store, we offer our clients our selection of High-Theft Merchandise Solutions.

    The main function of this security solution is to 1) protect the merchandise and 2) keep it fully charged so that it may still be used by potential customers when they are in store. Some of the solutions incorporate both of these requirements for example our InVue and Checkmate range of products for mobile phones and tablets, while some do not need electricity for example the Locking hooks for shelved items, Secure boxes for boxed items and InVue IR Key for inventory management.

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  • Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is truly the technology of the future. With RFID you take away from many of the mundane and robotic elements of running a retail business. Let us take the example of a cashier at a clothes shop. Their task would be to first, scan the tag on the garment, and second, to remove the hard tag with a detacher. This process will have to be carried out for every single garment of clothing.

    With RFID, all the clothes will be placed on top of the RFID scanner, and just like that, the receipt marking each individual item of clothing will be drawn up. The tags will still need to be individually removed after that, but it saves the cashier lots of time as well saves the time the customer waits for the bill to be drawn up.

    There are many other methods of using RFID, the main solution we are distributing from Catalyst (a part of Li & Fung Company) is that of inventory management. This is for companies with very large inventories that require merchandise to be manually accounted for, and are looking for a solution to speed up their process. This is for small businesses looking for the latest in inventory management, insight and availability as well as retail customer experience.

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  • We sell ready made retractable cassettes and stanchions as well as take orders for customizable orders. The cassettes come in an array of colors and materials, and the stanchions we distribute are also in different shapes and sizes. The reason for having such a wide variety of options is to cater to all the different kinds of business and to ensure that we evoke your respective brand colors and feel.
    If you still are unable to select the right option from our catalog, we are ready to take your personalized order. These can include printing in your exact brand colors, adding company logo to cassettes/stanchions or even incorporating current marketing campaigns. For more information on custom orders, please Contact Us
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  • This mixture of software and hardware will truly revolutionize your business. We have the exclusive distribution rights from the leading tycoon in Footfall Analysis, Brickstream (recently acquired by Flir) for Pakistan since 2014.

    For those unfamiliar with the technology, its main purpose is to measure the footfall in your store. On the surface, it is very helpful information for clients with many stores, as you can measure which of your stores have the largest reach. Furthermore, the information from the footfall count can be analyzed in more detail to derive valuable ratios like a sales conversion rate on a store level as well as at an employee level. If interested in understanding more on the conversion rates, please contact us.

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  • It is believed that happy customers are integral to the success of any retail business. For this very reason we thought it essential to distribute one of the finest hardware/software solutions,from Finland, known as HappyOrNot in the Pakistani market.

    The interface is minimal with four different expressions placed as buttons on a stand. The buttons range from Very happy, happy, disappointed, very disappointed. Every hour, the results are forwarded directly to a cloud account where it can be accessed from anywhere. The stand can be placed in-store next to POS terminals or even by the exit of stores.

    Its reason for success is because of the ease and anonymity in providing feedback. It’s literally as easy as a press of a button. It is truly up to you in which manner you decide to use the HappyOrNot terminals, however if you would like more information on possible methods of using our customer feedback retail solution please contact us.

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  • Our portfolio of products range from a wide array of detectors and dethatchers. We can provide your business with the tags to place on garments, boxes, shoes, jewellery, sunglasses, and any other merchandise you have. We also provide the Antennas that detect when the tags pass by, triggering the alarm, hence alerting you or your sales team. The most popular of our Anti-Theft solutions are the specially designed RF Antennas as well as their matching Hard or Soft RF Tags.

    The Anti-Theft hardware has been cleverly crafted to meet the rugged requirements of Pakistani shoppers (sold under the banner of Checkmate). It is for this reason we assure our clients to feel at peace with our hardware, as their merchandise is 100% protected from any possibilities of theft.

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